Tuesday, October 25, 2016

We have made this HOME

After much consideration and thought I decided to close my domains and move all my sims content to my blogger account. Current the domains both nightvixen.com and nightvyxen.com are forwarding to my Blogger and will phrase out when domains cease to exist.

All my CC is Available at both download locations on this blog, any downloads that resumed from nightvyxen.com domain host are no longer available.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

AngryDad Sweat Shirts

      I stumbled across AngryDad via Facebook one of the videos was being shared about how Dylan Placed a "Honk if your horny" on the rear of Angry Dad's car. Being a sucker for an Australian  Accent besides Australia I discovered their youtube page which I found Laughing  and watching for hours! I also discovered sweatshirts they had  and decided I wanted my sims to have these also, So I made Replica's for in-game.

These do have gender customization selections! So You can use for females if you wish!


AngryDad Youtube page is Here

CAS Updates: Gender Customization

 Due to the latest patch update: 06/02/2016 – PC Version / Mac Version,

I will be / have done updating my files,

Please note this is gonna take some time with updating on the various other hosting for files I have about, but it will get done.
Domain files Updated 100% Completed Available at Nightvyxen.com
Simsfileshare Updated 100% Completed
SimsWorkshop Update 100% Completed
Any issues please contact us so we can correct such issues. Enjoy =D